Friday 27th October, 2023

Harvest Donations

Thank you for all the Foodbank donations from our Harvest Festival.
There are bags and bags and bags!

The Foodbank are very grateful. We will be helping lots of local families who are in need of extra food.

Year 6 eco and school council pupils helped load up Mrs Sequeira’s car with all the bags. They just about fitted.

The foodbank workers had a big job sorting it all out ready for distribution.

Thursday 12th October, 2023

Pink Ribbon Tree Fundraiser Certificate

Sunday 24th September, 2023

Music Club’s First Music

Music Club met for the first time last week and our very first piece was

Somewhere Over the rainbow played on chimes.

It sounded beautiful.

We also played We Don’t Talk About Bruno on Boomwhackers.

We are looking forward to making all sorts of music on all sorts of instruments.



Sunday 24th September, 2023

Notable Year 4

Year 4 are writing rhythms in Music lessons using standard notation

They have read rhythms and played them on all sorts of sound makers including chairs!

They are getting very confident at playing rhythms with increasing accuracy. 🎶


Thursday 29th June, 2023

Music Concerts

All Year 3 and 4 have performed concerts this half term. The final one was today when Clee class played their ocarinas wonderfully.


All 6 concerts have been really well supported. It is wonderful to see the children performing and growing in confidence.


Year 3 learnt skills on ocarinas


Year 4 learnt skills on ukuleles

Thursday 29th June, 2023

Wild Flowers- Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors planted wild flower seeds in May.

They are looking very green and healthy.

There are already some flowers

The bees and butterflies will be happy!


Thursday 4th May, 2023

Planting for Bees and Butterflies

Year 5 Eco children have been preparing a patch of ground by the carpark for planting.

We will be planting seeds that will grow into flowers that will attract bees and butterflies.

Here we are at work..


Thursday 27th April, 2023

Year 6 Blues

Year 6 are learning about Blues music. 
They have been learning the structure of the ukulele chords in 12 bar blues and are writing their own blues lyrics.

Quite a few children chose to sing the SATs blues!

“Oh, it’s nearly May and we have got to do SATs

oh, it’s nearly May and we have got to do SATs

We wish we could just sit with our friends for chats”

Thursday 20th April, 2023

Ocarina Fun

Year 3 are working on ocarina skills.

We have leant how to hold them correctly, breath gently to make a smooth sound and cover the holes to change the pitch. Today we played Alice the Camel. It only uses 3 notes.

Monday 17th April, 2023

Our Green Day Pledges

On last term’s Green Day, everyone was able to write a pledge to help us live a greener life.

Here are some of our pledges on the leaves of our green tree.

Thursday 30th March, 2023

Easter Bunny Spotted by Stiperstones

Stiperstones spotted a visitor today… the Easter Bunny!

The illusive white rabbit was leaving clues for our Easter egg hunt today! We carefully approached her and asked for a picture. Rabbits can be shy… but this one was very friendly!


Wednesday 29th March, 2023

Musical Masters in Stiperstones Class

Congratulations to Leo and Frank in Stiperstones class who achieved a platinum award for their amazing progress in their guitar skills!

Thursday 23rd March, 2023

Choir Show

 Choir put on a wonderful performance of The Piper on Monday.

They sang brilliantly – altogether, in groups and some solos.

They told the tale of how the Piper got rid of the rats from Hamelin, but because the mayor wouldn’t pay, the Piper then took away the children too.

Remember the moral – Always keep your promise!


The Villagers

The mayor, councillors and the piper


The rats


Thursday 23rd March, 2023

Green Day Singing Assesmbly

As part of Eco Team’s Green Day, we enjoyed an eco themed Singing Assembly

We created our own song to the tune of Frere Jacque


And we sang a new version of Green Green Grass, written by members of the Eco Team

Monday 6th March, 2023

Published Poets in Stiperstones

Children were very excited to learn that, as well as enjoying books and authors, they are now going to become published authors themselves!

Children who entered the “Young Writers” poetry competition in Stiperstones class have received a certificate and letter recognising their fantastic efforts. Their poems (which are all about saving the environment) will be published in an anthology soon.


Friday 17th February, 2023

PawsB Parent Workshop

Today, we led a parent workshop on our new mindfulness curriculum. Thank you to those who were able to attend for your full participation in the session and your shared enthusiasm for the implementation of this new curriculum.

Here is a link to the slides with voice annotations for those who would like to revisit the session and for those I know wanted to attend but were unable to due to other commitments. You will need to sign into your child’s Seesaw account to view this link.

PawsB Slides

Please get in touch with Miss Worley, Mrs Hughes or Mrs Jones if you have any questions.