Sex Education

Sex Education aims to help children understand their own bodies, how they are growing and changing, and how they will change in the future. It aims to enhance the emotional and social development of children, helping them to understand the benefits of caring relationships and to be aware of pressures and possible dangers.
Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be taught different topics centered on the ‘Respect Yourself Primary Programme’, an award winning publication developed by Shropshire schools, their pupils and parents.
All resources are age appropriate and written on behalf of the Shropshire Council Health Development Team.



Year Group RSE Topics – Changes Content overview
3 Growing up To prepare for and understand some of the changes which occur as we grow up

To recognise physical and emotional changes

Knowing our bodies Identify current levels of knowledge and understanding our bodies
Fact or Fiction Build on work covered in KS1 and introduce puberty as part of growing up
4 Life cycles To study different life cycle from conception to birth

To understand some basic facts about pregnancy

Knowing our bodies To understand that during puberty the body changes for a child to an adult.

To develop skills of recognising physical and emotional change.

To understand that each person will experience puberty at different times.

Periods To understand that changes generally happen in girls before boys and discuss some basic facts about those changes
5 Puberty To understand the physical and emotional changes that take place during puberty

To understand why these changes happen and how to manage emotional change

To learn about personal hygiene

Menstruation To discuss in more periods in more detail
Reproduction To understand the life processes common to humans including reproduction

To know and understand the main stages of the human life cycle

Pregnancy and birth To learn some of the basic facts about how a baby is born

(Transition unit for year 7)

Valuing ourselves Relationships and further understanding of life processes
Changes Further develop understanding for how body
Puberty Further develop understanding of physical and emotional changes during puberty
Knowing our bodies Learn the correct names for body parts and their functions

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