Report your child’s absence

Please inform us by telephone (01743 357133) before 09.00 on each day of your child’s absence. If we are not aware of any reason of your child’s absence, the school administration staff will telephone parents. This contact will ensure all children have arrived safely at school.
Children must always remain absent from school for a full 48 hours after any illness that includes vomiting and/or diarrhea.


Headteachers can no longer authorise absence for holidays in term time. It should be remembered that this is a Government led directive. Children are required to attend school for 38 weeks each year, leaving 14 weeks to attend family holidays.

Request for absence

Any requests for term-time absence should be made in writing using the relevant form available by following the below link:
Request form for Leave of Absence in Term Time
Alternatively, you can obtain a copy of this form from the school office. Please be advised further evidence may be required for any authorisation given due to exceptional circumstances.

Legal sanctions

As part of promoting good attendance and punctuality, Shropshire Local Authority will use its legal powers to enforce school attendance where this becomes problematic, including powers to prosecute parents who fail to ensure their child’s regular attendance at school.

Medical appointment

Routine medical appointments should ideally be made out of school hours. The school would appreciate written notice and a copy of the medical appointment the day before where these are unavoidable during school time.

Drop off & Pick Up


On fine days children wait on the back playground. Parents are asked to leave them
promptly to encourage independence. The school opens at 8.55 am. The day begins at
9.00 am, when the children go to their classrooms. The
children are taught for 22.5 hours
per week.

(i) Time of arrival
Please do not send you child too early, as unfortunately pupils cannot come
into the building until 8.55 am and the school cannot accept any responsibility for their safety and welfare before then.
(ii) Access
You can reach the school either by the footpath off Woodfield Road or
through Woodfield Infant School off Copthorne Road. Please would you note
that you and your child should not use the lane beside the tennis courts.
Cars gaining official access to the two schools make it very busy indeed in
the early morning and the late afternoon, and therefore dangerous for
The green gates off Woodfield Road are locked between 9.10am and
3.00pm for the safety of the children; should you need to come to the school
during these times, please use Kelsalls Lane and enter the site via the school car park entrance.
(iii) Car parking
The school car park is available for the use of school staff and official guests
There is an allocated disabled parking space for parents of pupils who may have a disability. Please do not use it to bring or collect your child.
Please note that there are zigzag white lines by the Woodfield Road and Copthorne Road entrances, and you are asked not to park on them.
(iiii) End of Day Arrangements
Whilst we are always happy to inform the teacher and child of any unforeseen circumstances that occur during the day, all other arrangements should be given to the Administration Staff/Reception in the morning.
(iv) Bicycles
Y6 children may come to school on their bicycles and park them on the premises if they wish to do so. Please send a note if your child intends to make use of this facility. Y6 children may also participate in Cycling Safety classes, which are held in the Summer Term. All other children cycling to school must be accompanied by an adult.


At the end of the day, children leave from various exits to avoid congestion.
Year 3 & 4 children are handed over to a parent or responsible adult. For Year 5 & 6 children, if you wish to meet your child after school please meet at a mutually agreed spot. Please leave the premises promptly and do not allow the children to play on the grass, playground or adventure playground. Teachers will continue to work after the children have left and need to do so undisturbed. School Insurance does not cover children for accidents after they have left the building at 3.20pm.

Our Parent Handbook is a quick guide to how we work at our school. Full school policies can be read on our Policies page