Published on: 22nd May, 2023

W/C 22/5/23


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Head of School message

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather.

As a reminder, please ensure children come to school wearing sunscreen, have a sun hat and a water bottle.

Last week, school had a big focus upon Mental Health awareness and as part of this, lots of enjoyable activities took place that support wellbeing; this included, a chatty run, yoga, mindfulness, assemblies and much more. Our ‘dress to express day’ was successful and it was wonderful to see the array of outfits!

I cannot believe that we have one week until summer 1 half term is complete. I hope you have a good half term and look forward to welcoming you into school for summer events.

Thank you for your continued support to the school team in helping us to all work together.

Best wishes,

Mrs Lee

Roots to Food – Willstone

Last week, Willstone welcomed a special visitor to our school who taught us all how to be chefs! We learned slicing techniques, crushing, mixing and marinating skills, and which foods keep us healthy.

Bird watch in Corndon

In Corndon children completed a bird watch from their homes and created a tally chart for birds they had seen in their back gardens. We then collated the data as a whole class and turned this information into a bar chart. The most frequently seen bird was the wood pigeon.

Message from our Governors

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Music in Clee class

We have been learning to play the ocarina in music. We will be presenting our learning in a concert to parents very soon. Here we are practising for it.

Good Luck, Mrs Tunbridge

Stiperstones class have spent the afternoon wishing Mrs Tunbridge good luck on her new adventures and thanking her for helping us grow this year!


Mindfulness in Ercall

In Ercall class the children complete a mindfulness activity on a Friday afternoon, this week we linked this to children’s mental health and our feelings and emotions. We discussed how our feelings and worries have an impact on our concentration and spoke about strategies to overcome this, one of these were breathing techniques that we practiced.

Well done for a fantastic week Ercall.

Maths in Haughmond

Over the last few days, Haughmond have been working on measuring and drawing angles. They have been learning about using protractors correctly and the mathematical vocabulary used when working with protractors to measure angles – vertex, origin and baseline, to name some.

Wrekin Class

This week, in Wrekin Class, we have been learning all about angles. As well as revisiting our previous learning on the different types of angles, we also learned how to use a protractor. First, we learned how to measure angles with increasing levels of accuracy, before then using the protractors to draw our own angles. As always, we applied our new skills to help us with some reasoning and problem solving tasks.


We have been learning about how trade was a key part of Maya life and that the region of the Maya that a person was from affected exactly what they had to trade. Our class were split into the three Maya regions (Northern Lowlands, Central Lowlands and the Southern Highlands) and then we had to trade our own goods with others by swapping items in a given amount of time. Some of us were very successful traders!


Parallel and perpendicular lines in Wenlock

In maths we have been looking at horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. We popped out onto the tennis courts to spot parallel and perpendicular lines with a partner. Can you spot which are which?


Celebrating UK Mental Health Week – Willstone

To celebrate mental health week, we’ve been taking part in some special activities, including having a fun extended play with Woodfield. In maths, we’ve started our angle topic by directing each other around a maze.


Mental Health Awareness Week

We have had a lovely week celebrating Mental Health Awareness week across both St. George’s Junior and Woodfield Infants, and including the Empower nursery. Children have taken part in various activities to promote positive mental health such as yoga, mindfulness and chatting with others to share worries.

All week we have been taking part in our “chatty runs” on the SGJ Daily Mile track, whereby the Infants and Junior classes buddied up to have a chat, a run together, or both. The Year 6 classes went over to visit the Reception classes and really enjoyed sharing stories and mindful colouring together and Stiperstones class popped into the new Empower Nursery today to share some of our fabulous picture books with the pre-schoolers and get to know them a bit better.

Year 3 and 4 children were able to join ‘mindfulness club’ in Wenlock class during lunchtimes for yoga, colouring and chilling out.

We have ended the week with our Dress to Express day and afternoon field disco, where we were pleased to be able to host some of the WFI classes too.

The St. George’s Children children have really enjoyed sharing these experiences with our wider school community. Here are some of the photos from this week:


Online Safety

Online Safety outside of school

School sends out online safety newsletters regularly. Parents are encouraged to read these as they contain up to date and the latest, most relevant information about how to keep children safe online in this ever-changing digital world. Alongside this, poster updates about apps are also sent out to help keep you informed. This advice and guidance is imperative if pupils are using mobile phones and have access to apps that are not age recommended/appropriate.

The following link is to the website and has the links to these letters, along with the resources from our most recent online safety workshop for parents that we held in conjunction with NSPCC.

There is a google family link app which enables parents to link mobile devices to their own. This offers oversight of what children are using/accessing; controls to set limits of use; downtime to lock devices at night; app limits; and content restrictions.

Mobile phones in school

We have had a few pupils who have been bringing their phones into school. Our current policy is that no mobile phones are brought into school unless exceptional circumstances and this has been agreed. Pupils have been reminded of school rules and policies and that this must be followed. The partnership between home and school and home/school agreement supports following this also.

Black Country Living Museum

On Wednesday, year 6 visited the Black Country Living Museum. Here we experienced first hand what life would be like living in the Victorian era. We went down the mine and learn about the impact of the Industrial Revolution.


Summer Fesitval

We are looking to create our best festival vibes at our Summer Festival on the 1st July 11-3pm).

We already have some of our community musicians and entertainers lined up. But we still have slots….Can you help? Guitar solos or singing a acapulco …let us know….

If you aren’t going to grab your Fender, but still want to help, could you be one of our main stage sponsors?

Drop us a mail on



Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 23rd May – Piano makeup lesson

Wednesday 24th May – 9:10am – Clee class assembly

Thursday 25th May – The Priory School visiting Yr 6

Friday 26th May – Year 5 Sabrina Boat trip

Friday 26th May – Last day before half term

Monday 5th June – First Day back after half term

Monday 5th June – Year 5 Swimming continuing

Friday 9th June – Year 4 Swimming continuing

Friday 9th June – PTFA Uniform & Ice pop Sale – 3.00pm

Monday 12th June – 14:50pm – Ercall Ukulele Concert to parents

Thursday 15th June – Year 6 School photos

Thursday 15th June – 14:50pm – Wenlock Ocarina Concert to parents

Monday 19th June – 14:50pm – Lawley Ukulele Concert to parents

Monday 19th June – Thursday 22nd June – Caradoc Bikeability

Wednesday 21st June – Yr 3 trip to Attingham park

Thursday 22nd June – PTFA Coffee morning

Thursday 22nd June – 14:50pm – Willstone Ocarina Concert to parents

Monday 26th June – Tuesday 27th June – Ragleth Bikeability

Monday 26th June – 14:50pm – Corndon Ukulele Concert to parents

Wednesday 28th June – Thursday 29th June – Llanymynech bikeability

Wednesday 28th June – Caradoc Geocaching at Shropshire Hills

Thursday 29th June – Ragleth Geocaching at Shropshire Hills

Thursday 29th June – 14:50pm – Clee Ocarina Concert to parents

Friday 30th June – Llanymynech Geocaching at Shropshire Hills

Saturday 1st July – Summer Festival