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We are very proud of our pupil’s sporting achievements at St George’s.
During the year we take part in numerous leagues, tournaments and competitions for football, netball, cross country swimming, cricket, rounders and athletics. We have extensive grounds and playing fields that we make great use of at the school.

Physical Education in the Curriculum

P.E. is currently taught on a two week timetable. Every class has one hall time and one games session during the first week followed by one hall, one games and one outdoor P.E. session during the second week. The hall time is used for movement, drama, apparatus and floor work. The games sessions vary with the time of year and the age of the children. With the Y3 and Y4 year children, the emphasis is on the skills required in all games and activities. With the Y5 and Y6 year children, the emphasis is placed on the team tactics and rules of the game, as well as developing their skills.


Y4 and Y5 children will go swimming in the Autumn and Summer Terms during the school day. Children from St George’s School use the facilities at Shrewsbury School for their swimming lessons.